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The Burning Court, by John Dickson Carr

Blogging for a Good Book

I am, as my colleagues and friends know, an avid reader of mysteries, especially older books from the Golden Age of crime fiction. I also am fond of the eerie ghost stories of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  I also am, of late, very involved with the library’s digital collections. All of these interests came together when I discovered in our ebook collection a crime novel by John Dickson Carr that has not only a fine mystery story, but also a pervading sense of the supernatural that creates a sense of unease throughout the tale.

Publishing executive Edward Stevens is on the train to his weekend cottage outside Philadelphia from the office in New York City when he begins looking over a new manuscript about infamous women criminals. He is disturbed to discover that one of them shares not only his wife’s name, but also apparently must…

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