The awesome!

The Mockingbird

Less Than Lime

The mockingbird is most unappreciated.  It remains the elegant cousin of the carnival performer of the ornithological mimics, the parrot, just as the penguin is the elegant relative of the ostrich.  The mockingbird is a virtuoso of the avian kingdom, or rather, a techno DJ, sampling (bird) song(s) and remixing to its heart’s content.  How fortunate that it needn’t pay royalties to its brethren, and that other birds don’t demand that its songs cease, sans payment (presumably in bird seed).  It makes one wonder why humans haven’t learned to so rationally reason.  Many would say that the mockingbird is ahead of its time.  The R.I.A.A. alone would be outraged at the notion that musicians could take snippets of a song, samples of mere seconds, and create a beautiful medley of audible art, a testament to the striking synths and boisterous beats of an accelerated culture.  Some would advocate a return to a simpler…

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