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Twitter: are we ever really “as free as a bird”?

We can never be free as birds anywhere because we gave away our e_mails…..


By Carmen Cuesta Roca I have previously touched upon the issue of freedom of expression and Twitter in an article about the Hamza Kashgari case. In brief, Kashgari generated widespread anger and the desire of many for his execution after publishing 3 tweets about an imagined meeting with the Prophet Muhammad, addressing him as human, as an equal.

Recently, it seems appropriate to further explore the issue of free speech and Twitter, especially in light of recent comments made on the Internet by Matthew Woods concering April Jones and Madeleine McCann. These actions have led him to be sent for 12 weeks to a young offenders’ institution.

Perhaps the highest profile case is still the “Twitter joke trial”, when 28-year-old Paul Chambers was found guilty of sending a “menacing” tweet for threatening to “blow up” Robin Hood airport after it was closed due to adverse weather conditions. That conviction…

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