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Bomb-Sniffing Dog Posthumously Receives Britain’s Highest Honor


A British bomb-sniffing dog by the name of Theo was awarded the country’s highest award for animal bravery on Thursday. The Dicken Medal is commonly referred to as “the animals’ Victoria Cross,” Britain’s highest military honor.

According to the Associated Press, for five months, Theo, a Springer spaniel mix, worked under his handler Liam Tasker to search for roadside bombs in Afghanistan. Together, the pair had been quite a team, reports the Belfast Telegraph:

The pair, who were said to have been inseparable, detected a record 14 Taliban roadside bombs and weapons caches in five months, and are believed to have saved countless lives… Theo made the most confirmed operational finds by any arms and explosives search dog in Afghanistan to date. On one occasion, he is said to have discovered an underground tunnel leading to a room in which insurgents were suspected of making bombs and hiding…

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