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How to Tell If Windows 8 Is Succeeding


You can find pundits who are predicting that Windows 8 will succeed. You can find pundits — lots of them — who are predicting that it’ll fail.

Starting today, their opinions don’t matter much. The radical operating-system upgrade and Surface, Microsoft‘s PC/tablet hybrid, are now on sale. Windows 8’s fate rests in the hands of millions of consumers, the vast majority of whom haven’t been paying much attention until now.

When people ask me how I think Windows 8 will do — which, lately, they’ve been doing approximately 15,000 times a day — I have a stock answer. And it’s an evasive one: I say that more than with any major product I can think of, it’s tough to figure out what’s going to happen with this one. I don’t think that Microsoft or PC makers or opinionated bloggers really know; there are too few…

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