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Reasons Why I Unfriended You

Yow Yow!

There are no words to describe what it feels like to do a Facebook “friend dump.” My bffl Samantha and I have agreed that unfriending people on Facebook is rejuvenating and feels like you are taking some weight off of you – weight that just doesn’t need to be there. I’d like to begin this post first off by saying that any Facebook deletion I have ever done has not been personal. In fact, it is mutually beneficial. I’ve reached a point where your newsfeed posts no longer affect me and if anything, I’m doing you a favor as well by saving you space on your newsfeed from my own posts. I do, however, have friends that have THOUSANDS of friends – and I’m just like …

Seriously though – you cannot honestly care to read every single one of those posts. Also, I dare you to try and tell…

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